Underarm Sweat Pads, Do They Work?

For some people who prefer to patch-up their sweaty armpit situation, they resort to sweat pads. However, the opinion of people about sweat pads varies because of its advantages and disadvantages.


Sweat pads can really come in handy as it can also ease the situation of sweaty people to stop sweating, at least, temporarily.

Sweat pads act as barriers that prevent sweat from coming through your clothes. It will help absorb the sweat before it could get to your clothes. It can be convenient to a lot of people with excessive sweating problem because it can help hide potential sweat patches which can be embarrassing.

Another advantage in using sweat pads is that it can actually create confidence in people who sweat a lot. By using sweat pads, a person can raise their arms without having to worry about people noticing wet patches under your shirt’s armpits. This will definitely increase a person’s self-assurance that there can be ways to stop sweating. Sweat pads can really be a good cover up for pleasant sweat-free attires.


But in fact, there are several disadvantages that come along with using sweat pads.

Sweat pads can prevent sweat from coming through your shirt – but for how long will it help you stop sweating? These pads won’t hold enough sweat for a whole day. That is why you have to change sweat pads every 30 to 45 minutes. That would be a total hassle.

Another disadvantage of using sweat pads is the foul odor that it may cause. Keeping a couple of pads contained with absorbed sweat for a long while can really make you smell. With the fact that bacteria are being stored under the soaking patches, foul odor is likely to develop.

All the more, wearing sweat pad can suffocate the skin. Since sweat pads are enclosed onto the skin, there would not be enough air circulation. Because of this, the sweat pads may cause the body to overheat. It will only make the situation much worse.

Managing excessive underarm sweating can really be frustrating to a lot of people who experience it, which is why they would probably take any possible ways to stop sweating, even the temporary relief that Sweat pads give.

But in fact, there are more convenient ways to treat excessive underarm sweating, apart from Sweat pads. There are natural treatments out in the market. Several have been proven effective to stop sweating. What’s more is that natural treatment can be totally risk-free and safe. Trying them won’t cost you anything. All the more, you can be able to gain a entirely enjoyable life without having to deal with sweaty armpits anymore.